Nighttime fishing may sound like a tedious activity. But it is equally as breathtaking as regular fishing. When the sun sets, a new order occurs in the marine world. However, you’ll only get results from this expedition when everything is done right, including using the right type of gear.

Unless you’ve developed wolf-like eyes that can see in the dark, you’ll need a flashlight for your next nighttime fishing adventure. But what type of flashlight should you opt for? This piece will reveal the best features of any nighttime fishing flashlight.


The size of the flashlight is one of its most essential features. You’ll need a portable flashlight that’s powerful enough to last till you’ve made a good catch. When picking the size of your flashlight, do your best to strike a balance. The flashlight shouldn’t be an extra burden. But it also shouldn’t be too small that it won’t have any valuable features.

The Olight Baton 3 Pro Max Powerful EDC Flashlight is an exciting choice for nighttime anglers. It’s just the right size and will sit comfortably in your palm.

Design and Convenience

The design of a flashlight will affect its functionality under different conditions. A well-designed flashlight will serve its purpose well. If you’re interested in hands-free equipment, you may opt for headlamps. Due to technological innovations, we now have headlamps with as much output as specific flashlight models.

The Baton 3 Pro Max has a unique threaded design. It gives the flashlight an attractive military-like appearance. The design of this flashlight allows you to grip it firmly, even in wet conditions.


This feature is imperative. Any good nighttime fishing flashlight should be waterproof. You’ll be fighting with fish and may get wet. Your preferred product should be at least IPX8-rated.

The Baton 3 Pro Max also excels in the waterproof category. It has an IPX8 rating. This means it won’t get damaged by little splashes of water.

Light Output

Remember that you’ll be fishing at night. So, you’ll need a flashlight to see clearly in the dark. It’s a good idea to opt for a flashlight that lets you switch between brightness settings.

The Baton 3 Pro Max has 2,500 lumens of white light. It also lets you switch between light modes - moonlight, low, medium, high, and turbo. What’s more? It’s easy to turn on and off.

Battery Life

Finally, it would be best if you had a flashlight that could last you throughout the night. You’ll need enough power to get yourself in the boat, arrive at your casting spot, catch fish, and make your way back to safety. Avoid flashlights that run on disposable batteries. Most lack the battery life to shine brightly throughout the night.

Baton 3 Pro Max features a 1-21700 lithium-ion battery. This piece can run for an extensive duration. In Moonlight mode, the light will stay on for 60 days.


Night time fishing is fun if you’re able to get the right flashlight. A good product will ease your efforts at angling. You’ll hunt with confidence and enjoy a thrilling experience.